Professional Tax


Profession Tax is one of the main source of the own revenue of the town Panchayat.

Every company which transacts business and every person who is actively engaged in any Profession, trade, calling or employment within the Town Panchayat on the first day of the half year for which the return is filed shall be levied a tax on Profession, trade, calling and employment as per Section 124-D of the Tamil Nadu District Municipalities Act, 1920. The liability of Tax will arise only after the expiry of 60days in the aggregate in a half year.

The rate of tax is revised by the Town Panchayat council once in five years and such revision of tax shall be increased not less than twenty five percent and not more than thirty five percent of the tax levied before the rate of revision.

Members of the Armed Forces of the Union, members of the CRPF and physically disabled persons with total disability are exempted from Profession tax.

i) 1 st April to 30 th September is a first half year.
ii) 1 st October to 31 st March is a second half year.